Fair usage policy

Treating our clients fairly

We pride ourselves on ensuring all our clients have peace of mind with their financial matters when they work with us. That is and always be a part of our comprehensive service. Despite this though, there is always going to be that burning question in your mind, latest Government policy you have heard that might affect you, tricky issue on your software or even just an idea you want to discuss. And we certainly want you to reach out to us. That’s why we are here.

We always enjoy talking to our clients, catching up, understanding their thoughts and concerns and certainly do not want you to fear receiving unexpected bills just by getting in touch. It’s just not us and it never will be. We will always respond to your calls or answer your emails, but to ensure fairness to all of our clients, we’ve developed a fair usage policy, to assure you that we are always open to talk, but also prioritise everyone fairly and equally.

What is our fair usage policy?

Our fair usage policy isn’t page after page of legal jargon, it’s clear, concise and common sense. In fact, it’s so simple, it is based on these three principles below.

  • We will always answer or return your calls or respond to your emails promptly – and when we answer, it will never be with an invoice attached.
  • If it’s quick and simple, it’s no problem. We will either deal it with you on the spot or come back to you with an answer.
  • If it’s more involved, we’ll let you know what needs to be done and provide a quote, for you to accept or decline, so you are never unknowingly building up a bill.

What does that mean in practice?

Here are a couple of typical examples. Say you are reviewing your annual accounts and you want to know what makes up a certain balance. Well, feel free to give us a call – no problem at all, no charge.

However, what if every month you wanted to go through your accounts thoroughly and wanted to get a good understanding of the numbers. That’s great and we can help there too, but in this case, we would work with you to see whether our management accounts service might be useful. That way, we prepare the results for you each month, produce a monthly pack in advance, provide commentary, tailored KPIs and schedule a dedicated time with you each month to review the results. Overall, a much better service and better than unknowingly building up a bill each month.

This definition of fair use ultimately remains at our discretion, but we assure you will never receive an unexpected bill. If we need to charge for any work charged, we would always seek your agreement before getting started. It’s the fairest way for our clients.

Finally, don’t forget that we offer quarterly catch-ups with all of our clients which serve as a great opportunity to discuss all sorts of matters with us. Our quarterly catch-ups also support our policy for clear and transparent pricing, by allowing us to review with our clients if you are getting the right services at the right time. Powered by GoProposal, read more on our pricing policy.