Virtual FD

Your personal FD, for a fraction of the price

The average Finance Director can earn anything from £100,000 plus per annum, but there is a reason this is such a sought-after role. A good Finance Director can drive your business forward, give you objective advice, plan for, manage and lead all things finance for you, from top to bottom. A good FD should pay for themselves in the long run, through the decisions they take, backed by the experience they have.

Life with a Virtual FD on-board

Having a Virtual FD on board immediately gives your Business a powerful resource to call upon. Charged with helping you achieve your objectives, whilst maintaining good financial health and best practice. This is truly the most tailored service we offer and it is completely dependent on you and the journey you wish to take with us.

You might have a small finance team on-board and need some guidance on how to improve procedures or define and develop the team to get the most out of them. Maybe you need some expert financial representation at board and management meeting level. Maybe it’s all about cash flow, raising finance or planning ahead to protect your business being the main concern.

That list is certainly not exhaustive, and neither are the solutions at hand. It could be overseeing a finance system overhaul, helping interview high quality hires, preparing your business for a sale or appraising a potential acquisition.

Our Virtual FD is a blend of all the things that makes us tick. It’s bringing together the best parts of Mayflower and offering them to you in a package at the fraction of the cost of hiring your own FD in-house.

We start off by digging deep, very deep into your business, what makes it tick and what the objective is. We build milestones and a plan not only for your business, but in what you expect a Virtual FD to deliver. We will listen, advise and build out a plan that works. Then we get to work delivering it with you, truly as your partner and advisor.

Is a Virtual FD for me?

Whilst there is no doubt a Virtual FD is a fantastic asset to any Business, it is not always for everyone. Our policy is never to sell you anything you don’t need, and we would typically only expect businesses with a turnover in excess of £0.5m to contemplate using such a service. Why? Because our Virtual FD service is a comprehensive blend of our existing range of services, there is a very good chance a selection of those options could give you what you need, at a lower price.

As we do for all new clients, we will always explore your objectives and what you need regardless of your size. It could very well be that a Virtual FD would launch you to new heights, or that you really just need the reporting nailed down – in which case we can handle that part for you no problem.

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