Cloud boot camp

Why is cloud accounting important?

Before we cover why we are big into cloud accounting, it’s best to explain what the ‘cloud’ is and why cloud computing is the next big thing. In the same way most people over the last twenty years now have mobile phones, cloud computing is moving that way in how we receive services. Quite simply put, before cloud accounting was a service, businesses previously needed to host computers on-site to store their information. Accessing it globally or remotely was always a challenge and to set all that was expensive. As internet connections improved, cloud accounting became possible and instead you now will connect to a server sitting securely somewhere around the world. It’s quick, secure and enables so much whilst keeping overheads to a minimum.

Taking that concept further, cloud accounting has changed how businesses are run and it can benefit everyone from sole traders, to multinationals. Imagine you’ve completed a job for a customer and want to invoice them. Why not send it straight-away whilst you’re there from your phone? No more notepads or reminders to do your invoicing when you sit at your PC in one lump. What about engaging with your accountant? No more sending reports or files, your accountant can access your records anywhere in the world too.

No huge software downloads either, you can do what you need through a web browser and an app on your phone. And what is better, because you’re accessing your software through the web, you are always getting the latest version and features that come with it.

Still don’t get it? No problem, get in touch. Want to get cloud-ready? Read on to see what we need to do.

Getting cloud ready

We use both Xero and QuickBooks to enable cloud accounting for our customers. Each software is slightly different and there are pros and cons to picking one, but if you need a hand making a decision, check our accounting software page for a little more detail, or otherwise give us a call.

We have developed what we call our cloud boot camp to get you cloud ready and take you fully online. By the end of it, we are sure you won’t want to go back.

The first step is migration. That is converting your current process and software over to the cloud. What is involved depends on what you are doing today. For example, if you are already a QuickBooks desktop user, the migration process is pretty simple to do. If you are relying on spreadsheets or even paper, it becomes a more involved process.

We will work with you to make sure everything is right and you can carry on as normal. Checking balances, customers and suppliers are in place and everything is ready to welcome you to the cloud. Once you’re migrated, the real fun begins.

One of our hero tools has to be ReceiptBank. Nothing short of magic, ReceiptBank effortlessly connects to your accounting system and makes receipt capture easy to do. With the app you just need to snap a picture of your receipt, where ReceiptBank will read, recognise and collate all the details of the record for you and feed it into your bookkeeping system. The difference in time savings mount up, as no longer are you having to drag records into lines on QuickBooks, type in categories and worry if the tax is right.

We will give you comprehensive training on how to get the most out of your software, from configuring invoice headers to understanding how to access the reports available to you. This is usually the eureka moment.

And once you’re on your way, you’re not alone – we’re on hand for your help and queries to make sure cloud accounting works for you.

Still not sure? 

We get it sometimes new technology isn’t for everyone. In those cases, we really do hope we can persuade you otherwise, as there are very rarely reasons when using cloud accounting isn’t a help. Don’t forget too, if you want to leave the work with us, we are always more than happy to pick up your books too and look after the system on your behalf, leaving you even more time to focus on the important things.


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