VAT registration

Registering for VAT

We will always enquire with you as to whether it’s necessary or right to register for VAT first. Sometimes you are obliged to with the turnover threshold being met, however other times a voluntary registration may, or may not benefit you.

Provided you have established a business, we can register you for VAT quickly and efficiently over the course of a meeting. The VAT registration process takes 30 minutes typically.

We will work with you to ensure you are set up under the best schemes for your business and are aware of your obligations around VAT.

We will monitor the registration until the point you have your VAT certificate. At this point, if you have engaged us to produce your VAT returns, we will also register for agent authority, which means we can discuss VAT matters about your business freely with HMRC, saving you the hold-times on the phone.

Enabling MTD

MTD was recently introduced and is a second phase of the registration process. You will need to ensure you have a fully-compliant software package that is MTD compliant. We will ensure your VAT account is linked up to your software so you are ready to digitally submit VAT returns. This process takes a little longer, towards a few days allowing for confirmations to be received.

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VAT returns

Understand how our VAT returns process works with us to ensure timely compliance and accuracy.

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VAT planning

Discover how we help our clients plan for the future, whether through voluntary registration, or the adoption of certain schemes might help your Business.

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