Work ethic

Endeavour in what we do, always

We really want to see you achieve success. We will work hard and thoroughly to ensure you are not only happy but can point to value in the work we do.

Provided we have the information we need, we will always work hard to make sure your obligations are fully, properly, and accurately met, in good time and with the utmost care taken.

We will always reply to our emails, answer our calls and messages. If not immediately, we’ll get back to you.

Integrity, honesty and transparency

Integrity, honesty, and transparency are incredibly important principles for us. They are the foundations of how we work and they are hallmarks of our best work and our best relationships with our clients.

We will tell you straight what is right and what is wrong. We will always be clear, crystal clear, on matters. We work with integrity front-and-centre of our values, so we can support you 100% through thick and thin.

If we disagree with you, or believe something is not right, we won’t be afraid to tell you, purely because we have your interests at heart. If we see issues, we’ll tell you straight, but then we’ll be the first to offer solutions, or routes to success.

We will care and be considerate

Care is important to us. We aren’t just your accountant, we are also a small business owner, we are also a family, we have our taxes to pay, our obligations to meet. This means we do have genuine empathy at what our clients are trying to do.

We will support you through tough times too, we can work you with mistakes in the past and won’t judge at all. We like to listen and understand, because that means we can ensure you are receiving the best possible advice.

What we expect from you

We want our partnership to feel effortless, positive and valuable to you, but of course in order to deliver excellent results, we will need help from yourselves too to keep things moving smoothly.

Communication is a big thing for us. We don’t want to pester you every day of the week, but we will really only write or call you if there is something of importance coming down the road. If email is not your thing, we can text, WhatsApp, call or web conference. Face-to-face is clearly the best and certainly for on-boarding and working through key projects we may recommend it. Meetings and appointments are of course subject to our fair usage policy.

Information is vital for our jobs and it cannot be avoided that we will need to see records, whether that is receipts, leases, or other documents throughout our partnership together. We will do our utmost to make the flow of information seamless, whether that’s through designing a process with you, implementing software or both. But without records, we all-of-a-sudden become limited in what we can do and worse, it could mean you are leaving money on the table when it comes to taxes. We always advise you at a bare minimum to keep your receipts, documents and invoices to hand and accessible, even if it’s a shoebox.

Integrity in business is a non-negotiable for us too. We want things to be right, proper, and correct. We will not take shortcuts, or ‘sail close to the wind’ and certainly will not participate, facilitate or support illegal or illicit activity, in particular anything perceived as tax evasion. Equally we do not promote or encourage tax avoidance schemes. We want to be able to stand by your business 100%, support you if investigated, make sure you can sleep at night and ensure you are paying the lowest tax legitimately possible. We are obliged to report (without notice) illegal or suspicious behaviour we identify.

Courtesy is another non-negotiable we stand by. We are a positive bunch and want to see you enjoy success. There are going to be bumps in the road, frustrations and so on that will affect us all, but we insist we work on a basis of being mutually courteous and respectful to us. You’re always welcome to disagree, debate and discuss anything with us, but we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to offensive, or disrespectful behaviour.