Payroll and PAYE returns

PAYE and getting it right

Payroll can be a tricky area with plenty of stakeholders to please. HMRC, the pensions regulator and most importantly your staff are all interested in making sure you are getting this right each time. So if you would rather save the stress and want your payroll run accurately, on time and efficiently each month, why not get in touch.

The payroll process has evolved over recent years. Employees have to be regularly assessed for their eligibility with respect to a pension. Auto enrolment changed the landscape of pensions and put the onus on employers to ensure staff were consciously saving for their retirement and adding a contribution themselves, unless they opt out. The net is cast wide for auto enrolment; if your staff earn over the earnings threshold (£10,000 per annum but assessed each and every pay cycle) and are over the age of 22, they need to be enrolled.

You then have your obligations with filing and HMRC. Once you have calculated your pay, you need to file your payroll using RTI (real time information) to HMRC, every time you run a payroll. Not to forget the necessity to ensure you correctly calculate sick pay and maternity pay, national insurance and tax deductions from your staff and understanding tax codes.

Aside from payslips, you need to issue documents such as P11ds, P45s and P60s to your staff. It can quickly become a headache and rapidly become complex.

Our payroll service remains relatively inexpensive and can operate in isolation as an outsourced bureau, or even better part of a wider accountancy service package.

How we run your payroll

We will really do our utmost to make the payroll process as smooth as possible, walking you through the process, setting up the registrations, preparing the forms for you and your staff, completing the filings and talking you through all the processes. With an understanding of your requirements in terms of how you pay your staff and your policies in place, we will either work with your time sheeting approach or provide you with pre-defined templates to complete.

We will then run, check and double-check all calculations including all the tricky stuff such as sickness (SSP) and maternity (SMP) pay and send you a simple report advising you who to pay and what. Once you are happy, you just need to approve, and we’ll get down to the business of filing. We can then work with your pension provider to complete any online filings on your behalf and even can send payslips direct to your employees if you wish.

Setting up new employees is simple – we simply need a starter form completed or a P45 from a previous employer. Equally, departures can be facilitated no problem. We’ll just need a leaving date for those. We can work to your timelines and complete monthly or weekly payrolls.

For those involved in construction, we also handle all necessary filings needed for subcontractors (CIS 300) and contractors (EPS submissions for Limited Companies). Read about how we help clients involved in the construction industry scheme (CIS) on our other page; payroll and work on CIS really does go together when working with us.

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