Pricing review policy

Clear and transparent pricing

We are strong believers in transparency in everything we do. That includes our pricing, which powered by the superb tool, GoProposal. GoProposal is our pricing engine, designed especially for accountants. Using it ensures we price consistently, by working with a comprehensive list of services and options which in turn drives calculations.

It means you know exactly what you’re paying for. No discrepancies, no confusion, full clarity, full transparency. Every service is itemised for you to add or remove as you wish. It also means we can get documents across for digital signature seconds after you’ve seen the proposal, meaning we can get through the admin swiftly so we can begin to deliver value.


​Pricing principles

Because we work with GoProposal, we work with you to ensure your quote has been designed just for you. Whilst some services are fixed fees, others are flexed to keep our pricing relevant and fair.

  • Services. You should only pay for what you need. We’ll never encourage you to take on something unnecessary, but of course we’ll advise you if we think you would strongly benefit by taking a service on.
  • Turnover of your business. Some services are linked to the performance of your business and this ensures we remain nimble in our pricing, whether we are working with a brand-new incorporation or an established business.
  • Number of transactions. For bookkeeping in particular, the price is simply based on how many records we handle, in blocks of 25.
  • Quality of records. We have seen it all, from immaculately kept digital records, to carrier bags of crinkled receipts. We won’t judge, but the quality of records does mean more time is needed. We always proactively work with our clients to improve the quality of their records, but you can always leave them with us.
  • Staff. For payroll and CIS related services, we charge simply based on the number of employees and subcontractors you have. We won’t charge for documents such as P45s or P60s, simply how many individuals we have to look after at a point in time.

Alignment fees

Whether you join at the end of your financial year, or the very start, we will provide our clients with the same level of work, effort, and care. To ensure everyone pays fairly, we may apply an alignment fee for certain annual services. This fee can be paid either as a one-time amount or spread over a length of time.

Monthly, quarterly and annual reviews

We review certain services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

  • On a monthly basis, we will review your payroll requirements, based on staff numbers. We will automatically adjust our pricing for you, no documents to sign, the price either increases or decreased based on how many staff are on the payroll at the time. We will always make it clear how much your payroll services could increase or decrease for joiners and leavers at the point of engagement, so there are no surprises.
  • On a quarterly basis, we will review your bookkeeping. We will send a review of your bookkeeping activity and provide an assessment on the adjustment before revising.
  • On an annual basis, we will conduct a full service review. This is a great opportunity to review how things have gone. It’s an opportunity to proactively assess whether new services could help, or maybe take some away. We’ll check up on other statistics too, such as record quality and turnover.

Invoicing approach

Invoicing is straight-forward with us. We’ll establish a direct debit and invoice you monthly, spreading the cost.