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Mayflower is cloud-connected

Mayflower made the decision from day one we were going to be a cloud-accounting firm. Backed up with an extensive experience of systems and tools from work within multinationals, we were astounded cloud accounting software exists and does what it does at such a modest price point. And it always delights us when we can introduce it to our clients and see that “Wow!” moment when they see how good it can be.

Below are our three superstar products that we work with on a daily basis and has transformed the accounting experience of our clients, as well as enabled us to give them a top service. What’s more, we can pass on savings you won’t find on the street when you take out software with us as part of a wider package.

QuickBooks & Xero – accountancy software

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing software, but our research and experience has led us towards two pioneers of the cloud accounting world – Xero and QuickBooks.

Xero and QuickBooks do it all; they sync to your online banking, produce reports in an instant, handle your VAT, track your debtors and creditors, manage CIS and payroll, just to name a few functions.

Easy to set up, we can have a Xero or QuickBooks account ready in minutes. Customisations are easy too, with you being able to choose the fonts, logos and layouts of your invoices for a personalised experience.

Both come with a mightily functional app, which shines in particular if you are looking at invoicing on-the-go.

Which is better? It really depends, as both products excel, but have slightly different specialisms. Generally, Xero is more adept at larger, complex businesses whilst QuickBooks is a little more intuitive, but we always guide our clients to making sure they are choosing the right product.

ReceiptBank – receipt capture

ReceiptBank is truly the icing on the cake for us when it comes to the cloud accounting offering. Using what is called OCR (optical character recognition), ReceiptBank can take from any sort of receipt (from a PDF to literally a hand-written note) and read all the key data, including tax, dates, amount and the vendor. It then can publish straight to your software saving you having to enter in all that information again. We love ReceiptBank – it’s truly a win-win, we see all the back-up to do our jobs, whilst our clients save tonnes of time by snapping receipts.

Use something else?

If Xero or QuickBooks doesn’t rock your world like it does for us, no problem. We have years of experience with systems. They all deliver the same end result; they each just get there slightly differently. Chances are, we’ve heard of it, if not used it in the past.

Want to get on the cloud?

Whether you’re on another system, a brand-new business looking to get things set up the right way from day one, or maybe still in a world of paper and want to move forward, we can help. Why not visit our cloud accounting boot camp to see what we can do to get you cloud ready?

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