VAT planning

Staying ahead of the curve

Good VAT planning and preparation is essential. It will save you money and keep you competitive. It might be adopting a voluntary registration or utilising a certain scheme. When we work with your business, we worry about the VAT, so you don’t have to.

VAT planning is simply about us understanding your business, your supplies, your customers and the law, to make sure we agree on a strategy that will keep you compliant, competitive and paying only the necessary VAT you have to.

Take note too if you are currently not obliged to register, or starting a brand-new business, as even here VAT planning can be equally as important. In some cases, it could be as simple as avoiding the necessity to register in the first place, involving strategies around avoiding the VAT threshold altogether. Or it could be around exploring whether it is worth registering early and embedding VAT into your pricing. The ultimate goal is to protect your margin and cash, by ensuring you remain competitive and pay the least VAT necessary.

We live and breathe VAT, with extensive experience with clients providing all kinds of goods and services across the UK and beyond. You’re in safe hands with us.

How does planning work

First of all, it’s worth mentioning we are always thinking ahead about you and your business with VAT on our minds. Even if you’re not VAT registered. We always look to understand what you do, what you supply and who you supply to and this alone gives us a judgement on how VAT may, or may not be a consideration for your business.

Then it’s about keeping our ears to the ground on how the law changes. The legislation around VAT changes regularly and mindful of what you do, we will always be thinking ahead if it could impact you and if we need to talk.
It could be as simple as giving you a heads-up, or doing nothing, or it could be that we change an approach or a plan. But rest-assured, we deal with VAT every day, so you’re in safe hands.

We’ve got plenty of experience too in reacting effectively to government decisions, from snap decisions to reduce VAT for hospitality businesses, to the huge implementation of Making Tax Digital, we’ve seen a lot in the VAT world and helped our clients through it all.

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