Client Referral Scheme

We take particular pride in every referral we receive …

Client referrals have been a fantastic source of growth for us and we take particular pride whenever someone is referred to us from one of our clients.

We know when you refer someone to us, it reflects well if we do a brilliant job for them, but also badly if we let them down. It’s, for this reason, we take every referral seriously.

… so we would like to thank you

Because referrals have been and will continue to be an important part of our journey, we want to thank you with an incentive, both for yourself and whoever you have referred to us, with a reduction on your fees. So, effective from the 19th of November 2021, we are delighted to introduce our referral scheme.

How does our referral scheme work?

Simply put;

  • We will give the person you refer to us 10% off of their fees for the first year; and
  • We will match that and reduce your fees by the same amount.

So if we reduce their fees by £100 in the year, we’ll apply that exact same discount of £100 to your fees, provided;

  1. The client is of an appropriate standard, aligned to our beliefs of integrity, politeness, and spirit (;
  2. There are no technical, professional, or other issues preventing us from assisting them;
  3. They sign up to an engagement letter and pricing agreed with us;
  4. Upon payment of each invoice; and
  5. Any discount is up to 50% of your agreed fees.

For more details, see our full terms & conditions.

How can you refer someone?

It’s really simple. Give us a call, or drop us an email and introduce us. We’ll track it and provided they join us, we’ll say thank you.