Mayflower April 2023 Update

What are these updates?

Our aim is to seek to continuously improve our client experience, through improvements to processes and systems, providing the latest and greatest tools and maintaining my principal goal, to continue to offer a personal service as we grow.

April 2023 being the reintroduction of our monthly newsletter has brought about a number of exciting changes.

​Payroll service improvements with new software

We have recently made changes to our payroll software which should grant some improved functionality to our clients. BrightPay, and in particular its self-service app, is being launched for all April 2023 payslips and beyond and in particular it will mean pay slips will be available on demand for you or your staff on a dedicated, secure platform.

You can click here to learn more about the tool, but guidance will be provided individually at a later date as part of those who use payroll services with us.

    Client fee protection

    We are observing that HMRC are undertaking more investigations than ever before into client matters, as they are being pressured into recovering lost taxes and revenue.

    These investigations could be triggered either by anomalies in client behaviour, or simply at random.

    Whilst the outcome of such investigations may end up with no tax due, they unfortunately do end up costing the taxpayer time, through the need to pay an accountant or tax advisor for their time to assist with HMRC’s requests.

    To combat this, we’ve introduced client fee protection which will cover you in the event of an investigation. This means rather than paying us for our efforts, you are covered through your policy. There are other benefits, such as access to legal and employer helplines, as well as coverage for the introduction of tax experts if their assistance is required.

    There will be a small cost to cover this policy and we are gradually rolling this out across all of our clients.

    Booking in meetings

    Did you know that if you are a business client, paying a recurring fee to us each month, that you have at least 2 hours of check-in time with us every year? This is 2 hours to talk about business, get the most out of your accounting software, or talk about possible tax opportunities.

    If you’re keen to book this with us, you can use the below links to schedule time in with James using the following links.

    For 30 minutes, visit here.

    For 60 minutes, visit here.

    If you need to speak to us over and above your allowance, quick queries are possible too. For anything more involved, we can provide some various options.

    If you are unsure of your allowance, please reach out to us.

    More details on how we aim to maintain the balance between being accessible and available for all, visit our fair usage policy page.